Become a Market Producer


We are currently looking for new Market Producers to join our friendly, co-operative venture:

Join Clitheroe Country Market

All produce is offered for sale collectively – no one has preferential treatment

There are no minimum quantities to produce – just produce the amount that suits you

Country Markets have a formula to help Producers work out a fair selling price, that also gives a good return for their hard work

A small commission is taken from the selling price of goods, to cover market running expenses, and the remainder is paid to the Producer monthly

We encourage Producers, wherever possible, to help with the running of the market, but we are flexible to individual circumstances

Who can join, what does it cost?
Anyone may apply to join as a Producer long as they are over sixteen.  It costs just five pence to become a shareholder/member.

What can be sold?
Most genuinely home-produced goods. In the case of perishable foods, they must be freshly prepared and must not have been previously frozen.

Are there any other costs?
You will need to buy an invoice pad, approved Country Markets labels and packaging materials. All these are available from Clitheroe Country Markets. You are highly recommended to purchase a Country Markets Handbook, which contains all the information needed about producing for a Country Market. The Country Market Head Office ensures that all Producers are kept informed of the latest legal guidelines by means of new policy guidelines.

What qualifications do I needed?
All food producers, including Country Market Producers, are required by law to undertake Food Hygiene training. Our cooked-food Producers must have a level two award in food safety in catering. This must be retaken every 5th year – refreshers only are not permitted. If you haven’t got one already Clitheroe Country Market will help you to obtain one. It involves attending a one-day training course followed by a multiple-choice test.

How do I join?
Please come along to the Country Market on Tuesday mornings. Ruth, our Market Adviser, will be happy to answer any questions and tell you all you need to know. You can contact Ruth direct on 01200 425823