Lancashire WI Spring Council Meeting

News from Lancashire Country Markets

On Tuesday we had a visit from Jim Pawson (Chairman of Lancashire Country Markets) and he brought us news and photos from the recent Spring Council meeting. Here is his report:

For several years Lancashire Country Markets has been invited by the Lancashire Federation of W.I.s to participate in their Spring Council Meeting. This year in March was no exception. It was held once again at the Southport Theatre and Conference Centre. This annual event attracts 1,000 W.I. members. In the morning session the guest speaker was Rahvir Singh the I.T.V. television presenter followed in the afternoon by Eric Knowles from the Antiques Road Show.

Lancashire consists of 4 markets:- Clitheroe, Kirkham, Langton and Garstang and every year we put on a fantastic display to advertise what Country Markets is all about. The craft which consists of home made cards, knitting, stitch craft, soft toys, woodwork is of an amazing standard. The baking and home made jams, marmalades, chutney and jellies had the tables groaning and of course the plant section had a lovely splash of Spring colour.

As members entered the theatre they made a bee line for the market stall with trading starting before 9.30 am. The general meeting began at 10.30 which allowed us to replenish the stall and have a well deserved break until the lunch break at 12.30. By the time the afternoon session resumed the tables were practically empty with all the producers saying what a good day it had been. It is very rewarding when people come back and ask for items they had had the year before be it cakes, jam or plants.

Once more a big thank you to Lancashire W.I.s and hopefully we’ll all be asked along again next year.

Jim Pawson


Photos of the day