Opening Doors

Attracting new customers can be a challenge

The entrance to Clitheroe Country Market is on a small, steep cobbled street which can prove challenging to some, especially on a slippery, rainy morning. Its a side entrance to the United Reformed Church Hall and as such is hidden from the main thoroughfare of Moor Lane. Extra signs have made a difference to enticing customers in, especially the large board that stands at the top of the hill but at the last committee meeting, ‘thinking caps’ on, Ruth our market manager had the brainwave of asking permission to open the main church doors.

With the main doors open onto Moor Lane newcomers are directed down the stairs to the market in the lower hall instead of tackling the cobbled street outside. Unfortunately not all disabled visitors are able to navigate either entrance but we are more than happy to provide a sample table of market goodies in the main entrance and a “we will run down and get it for you service”.

Our Country Market is now more visible in the town and passing trade has improved, we have definitely discovered new people who had walked past previously not knowing that we existed.