You just don’t know who will pop in

The benefit of being a Country Market Cooperative 

Is that we are a ‘group’ not a bunch of individuals and that group feeling translates into a community. That sense of community spirit, spreads to our regular customers who make it part of their week, whether they fill their basket or just stop for a quick coffee to catch up with a friend. It also reaches out to those people just passing by, who are welcomed at the door and invited in.

We just never know who will be dropping by and what a wonderful mix of characters have visited. We have been treated to impromptu musical concerts in the past and this week we were treated to poignant poetry readings by local poet Mike. New visitor Lulu, the Shih Tzu proved to be a very popular ‘meeter and greeter’ at the front door  and it was lovely to meet new babies, Mums and Grandmas.

Soon we hope that the holiday season will bring extra custom and we look forward to seeing who will pop in next …