Welcome Visitors

Guess who I met today …

One of the advantages of being involved with Clitheroe Country Market is meeting the people who come in through the door – what a diverse bunch!! Whether it’s the loyal weekly supporter who likes to sit in the same chair and place the same regular order for tea and cake or the visitors from far and wide, there is usually a story to be told.

We have recently welcomed people from Canada and America visiting relatives and sold handmade cards to those sending messages abroad with reminders of home and local scenes. The market is a people place and its always satisfying to see customers who arrive on their own often making new friends over a coffee.

Today we were pleased to welcome members of Todmorden WI who were visiting Clitheroe for the day – It’s been a while since their last visit (20 years!) Hopefully they enjoyed Mary’s coffee cake and refreshments – don’t leave it so long before you visit again!

Todmorden WI-3899
Todmorden WI visit Clitheroe Country Market