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Family Feeling


Clitheroe Country Market (formerly WI market) has been part of Clitheroe for over 40 years and has seen many a family grow up. Being part of a community brings a sense of belonging and connection with a wider sense of family and all the laughter, tears and support that go with it!

We love to hear our customers’ good news and see the wedding/holiday/new baby photos but we like to think that we also offer a sympathetic ear when the news is not so good too. Often listening is all we can do but sometimes having someone to talk to is all that is needed to brighten someone’s day.

Keeping it in the family

The Country Market is a place of continuity  – Recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and craft skills passed on. With such a diverse skill set in the membership there is always someone who can help with a gardening tip, knitting pattern problem, solution to mend or redesign jewellery …. The experienced members are on hand to guide the newer members (not always in the direction that they want to go – but thats family for you!!)

The advantage of being a co-operative is that we work together as one body to make the market happen and its that working together that gives us that ‘family feeling’.

Haven’t they grown!